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Paddle Sports Psychology

Another lazy blog entry from me again… I’m currently working in Ireland as an outdoor instructor and doing my best to get out as much as possible in my free time. I’m finding it hard to get out on white … Continue reading

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Understanding Eddy Turns

Improving my eddy turns (Breaking out/Peel outs) is something that I have been working on for a while now.  I realised pretty early on in my boating that the low brace turn is a good technique to teach beginners, but … Continue reading

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Need some coaching?

“You’re a coach…I’m after someone who’s really good at coaching to teach me how to canoe and kayak… …do you know anyone?” Ouch!

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Split Paddles

A “split” is a kayak paddle made of several parts – usually four, that is stored inside the boat until it’s needed. They’re there as a back up for if a kayaker breaks their main paddle, or loses it on … Continue reading

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Out of screwgates?

Here’s a quick tip that’s handy to know for when you run out of screwgate karabiners on a route.

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Stuck Cams…

I’ve spent a lot of time climbing recently and have seen a lot of gear left in the rock. In the last fortnight I’ve found well over 20 cams left behind by previous climbers. Usually if you find a cam, … Continue reading

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