White Water Photography

DSC_0041 (2)

The watershed Ocoee with padded liner is perfect for keeping your camera gear safe on the river.

I’m new to photography in general and still have a long way to go. Here’s some very basic tips that I’ve found useful to do with photography on the river….

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Pyranha Burn Modifications

Recently I’ve switched from a Medium to a Large Pyranha Burn. I’m always fascinated to see what people have done to improve their boats when I buy second hand and thought I’d share these two modifications on my blog.

Modified Back Rest

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Kayaking in Nepal

Just back from two months of kayaking in Nepal. Here’s my highlights:

[vimeo 81942673]
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Leaky paddles

Last year I ended up having one of my paddles repaired as water had entered the shaft, making the paddle strokes feel heavy and off balance. The paddle wasn’t damaged, it’s more likely that the glue around the joints had worn slightly allowing water ingress. I now use Aquaseal around the outside of the joints as a precautionary measure, doing this from new to hopefully make my paddles last longer.


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Mounting a river knife on a buoyancy aid

Externally mounted river knives are a little frowned upon in the UK, mostly because they look quite aggressive and our rivers are usually fairly close to urban areas. In the past, I have carried a folding knife in the pocket of my BA and to be honest, I’ve never had to use it. However, I’m not convinced that I could easily get to it (with one hand) if I ever did need to use it in the water. Hence why I purchased an NRS Pilot Knife.


New shiny things

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Caring For Your Drysuit

A happy dry suit 🙂

For the recreational paddler, equipment should last a decent amount of time. However, the more you paddle, the more wear and tear your equipment will accumulate. It’s not unheard of for those who are involved with coaching or guiding to wear out gear within a season. I’ve seen drysuits fail within a month’s use on the river – which would probably equate to 1-2 years for a recreational boater. Good kit isn’t cheap unfortunately, so here’s some tips to get the maximum life out of your most expensive piece of clothing – your drysuit. Continue reading

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What’s in a grade?


Estri Ranga, Southern Iceland – A fun rapid, with a nasty siphon around the corner.

I’ve had some conversations with people focused on going up the grades recently, especially concerning grade 4. In my mind grade 4 is a bench mark grade. It’s the level where the consequences of “getting it wrong” increase, meaning that Continue reading

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