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Rescue For River Runners

A bit of a re-blog here from Unsponsored¬†on river rescue techniques. There is a brilliant series of videos on throw-bagging, live-baiting, mechanical advantage and much more to be found over at: I’m impressed that someone has taken the time … Continue reading

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What’s the future of kayaking? (Or how did we get to where we are…)

I started paddling white water in 2009 and even in that short amount of time, I’ve seen big changes in paddling trends. Back when I started, everybody had playboats and we paddled them everywhere.

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Yak Back: Kayaking and Lower Back Pain

As white water kayakers, we¬†tweak the outfitting of our boats to be as snug as possible, to give the maximum amount of connectivity with our bodies and power transfer from our strokes. Great for effective kayaking technique, but it can … Continue reading

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Staying warm on the water

Last weekends icey paddling session was enough to convince me that the playboating season is over. Or is it? Read Eric Jackson’s thoughts on cold weather kayaking here: Stay toasty in winter

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Playboat Rebuild 1

A few years back I decided to try my hand at freestyle kayaking, unsuccesfully at first. I bought a Dagger G Force 6.1 and was soon able to dip the stern, as my height meant that most of my weight … Continue reading

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Double Trouble – Getting Vertical In Your Playboat

The “Double Pump” bow initiation stroke is the one technique that seems to give people the most problems. Once mastered, the door is opened to all of the flat water tricks. Go to any kayaking club and you’ll spot a … Continue reading

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