White Water Photography

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The watershed Ocoee with padded liner is perfect for keeping your camera gear safe on the river.

I’m new to photography in general and still have a long way to go. Here’s some very basic tips that I’ve found useful to do with photography on the river….


  • If you don’t want to lose it, leash your GoPro.
  • To stop your GoPro fogging up, put a small piece of kitchen roll on the inside of the case.
  • Water drops ruining your footage? A coating of RainX on the lens helps the water drip off faster.
  • No RainX? Washing up liquid works just as well, as does toothpaste if you’re multi-daying it.
  • Don’t leave your GoPro running all the time. Switch it on just before rapids and off straight away afterwards. You’ll get a whole day out of one battery (HD1/HD2 at least) and it’ll be much easier to search through all of your footage later.
  • People are starting to switch off to helmet cam POV shots. Get creative…


  • The Watershed Ocoee bag is perfect for storing all your camera gear in on the river. It’s waterproof and with the addition of the padded liner, it will protect your camera from getting knocked about.
  • Expensive cameras are a magnet for dirt. Invest in a cleaning kit to keep the worst of it out of the camera body.
  • Use a U.V. filter on your lens to protect the glass from scratches. A filter is far cheaper to replace then a camera lens.
  • If you’re paddling abroad and worried about the risk of your camera getting stolen, it may be worth disguising your expensive camera. At the very least, take off the shoulder strap if the brand name is emblazoned upon it.
  • For action shots, shooting in continuous mode gives you more chances to capture the moment perfectly.
  • Setting up to take pictures is far easier on pool-drop rivers…
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