Pyranha Burn Modifications

Recently I’ve switched from a Medium to a Large Pyranha Burn. I’m always fascinated to see what people have done to improve their boats when I buy second hand and thought I’d share these two modifications on my blog.

Modified Back Rest

DSC_0337One of the things I miss about my old Mamba was the way you could unclip the back rest to quickly get at any equipment stored in the back of the boat. The previous owner had replicated this on his burn by shortening the back rest bungee cords and using two accessory karabiners, which works really well. This modification, as well as the use of Watershed Futa Floats –  would certainly make packing for an expedition much easier.

Extended Thigh Braces

DSC_0340The other change that had been made to the boat was the addition of thigh brace extenders, made of PVC pipe, to increase connectivity with the boat. A really simple idea, that seems to work well. My only concern is that it will put more stress on the cockpit rim, so I think I will be going back to the standard thigh brace and using knee blocks if I need a better fit.

Nice to see people thinking outside the box when it comes to outfitting their boats.

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