More Comfortable Portaging

I’m a big fan of Pyranha kayaks – the hull shapes and outfitting just seem to suit me and my style of paddling. However, one thing that I’ve noticed is that they can be pretty painful to carry long distances on one shoulder. Now, portaging will never be comfortable, but it seems that the inside of the cockpit rim on some of the Pyranha models feels quite sharp, in comparison to other boats that I have owned.  I set about trying to solve the problem this morning…

The problem area

The problem area – the plastic here comes to quite a thin, sharp edge.

I used some thin minicell foam with an adhesive backing, like the type you often find in boat outfitting kits. Although only thin, it’s enough to make it a little more comfortable.


Measure once, cut twice… wait, no.

Try to work out where the edge of the cockpit sits on your shoulder and cut a small piece of foam to fit that area. Minicell foam is best cut with a sharp knife, or scissors for thin sheet like this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStick as much padding to the edge as you can, without getting in the way of the ratchet strap for your backrest. Time will tell just how long the foam will stay there for – perhaps a more permanent fix would be using Evostik contact adhesive. It certainly makes carrying the boat more comfortable – which has got to be a plus! Now just to find a team of sherpas that will carry your boat for you…

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