Paddle Sports Psychology

Another lazy blog entry from me again… I’m currently working in Ireland as an outdoor instructor and doing my best to get out as much as possible in my free time. I’m finding it hard to get out on white water as often as I’d like, so I’ve been working on some flat water freestyle moves and stripping my technique back to basics. On my travels I’ve come across   Jonathan Males blog on paddling and sports psychology.

The UKCC L2 coach course touches on some sports psychology techniques, but it’s really only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much to be learnt from applying sports psychology to your paddling – whether it’s goal setting, trying to get rid of ingrained bad habits or keeping  anxiety at bay on the river.

In his blog the “Diary of a Middle Aged Kayaker”, Jonathan touches on many of these topics. Its definitely worth a read, after all “lead with your head” is more than just a playboating tip…

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1 Response to Paddle Sports Psychology

  1. Jonny Kayak says:

    If you’re thinking about psychology that much while you’re paddling you’re doing it wrong! Think about what you’re actually going to do what moves you ARE going to make and then go and do it. If your thinking are you psychologically up for running that grade 4 / 5 rapid don’t even bother your past the point of being able to do it successfully and your following the wrong train of thought.

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