Need some coaching?

“You’re a coach…I’m after someone who’s really good at coaching to teach me how to canoe and kayak…

…do you know anyone?”


I know a number of people who are moving towards freelance coaching now as a way of turning their passion in to a career. I’ve always been more than happy to recommend Jackson Kayak Coaching in Bedfordshire and now another good friend of mine has decided to give it a go.

Introducing Hayley Clarke Coaching

Hayley has been paddling since an early age and has spent a vast amount of time coaching and running river trips for Hinckley Canoe Club. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and brilliant with children, Hayley has been reponsible for getting many people out enjoying themselves on the water over the past few years. If you’re based in the Midlands and want to give paddlesport a go, or looking to improve your technique to work torwards your first BCU qualifications then head on over to Hayley’s website.

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